E-Board Positions

The Sex S.Y.M.BA.L.S E-Board still has two positions available. If you are interested in either the Treasurer or Community Outreach positions, send an email with your resume and cover letter to sexsymbalssu@gmail.com


HIV Testing Day

Chris Weller explains in his article from Medical Daily why it’s important for young individuals to get tested today on HIV Testing Day. On June 27th, take advantage and get yourself tested for HIV. To read Weller’s article, click the link National HIV Testing Day 2014 gives busy 20-somethings the Best Reason Possible to get
Tested:Immediate Results

World AIDS Day!

Today is World AIDS Day! On December 1, people throughout the world observe World AIDS Day. The theme—”Shared Responsibility: Strengthening Results for an AIDS-Free Generation”—highlights the global commitment needed to achieve that goal. HIV/AIDS testing in the United States has never been easier. Rapid tests are offered in clinics and in many other settings—with results in as little as 20 minutes. Sex SYMBALS is committed to fighting for an AIDS-free generation!


The Great American Condom Campaign


This week, the makers of Trojan Condoms released their 8th annual Sexual Health Report card ranking Syracuse University as the 16th best sexually healthy university! However, we will not be satisfied until we reach the top of the list. We are encouraging Syracuse students to raise their voice, using social media from November 7th- 14th. Engage with the university and ask them to support policies that contribute to improving condom accessibility and information on sexual health.  Tweet to the school @SyracuseU with the hashtag #GACC.

Example:  @SyracuseU What are you doing to improve our ranking? http://prn.to/1hNQx7Y #GACC

@SyracuseU What policies are you enacting to support young people on campus? http://prn.to/1hNQx7Y #GACC

We need to start a conversation on campus about the policies needed to guide young people to making healthy decisions regarding their sexuality.  Help us in our fight on improving policies to ensure that young people have the tools to lead healthy sexual lives.

Link to Article: http://prn.to/1hNQx7Y

Sex Week Presented by Sex S.Y.M.B.A.L.S!


Our first event begins with FREE anonymous HIV testing in Schine from 11am – 4pm. Know your status, and get tested! Also, come out later that evening at 7pm in LSB 105 to listen to a presentation on the 1 in 3 campaign by Betty Defazio, Exec. Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/Syracuse Region Action Fund! You don’t want to miss this! #sexweek